Copper Flat Bar

The Copper Flat Bar is a rectangular-shaped metal bar made from high-quality copper. Copper is known for its excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. The flat shape of the bar provides stability and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Copper flat bars are commonly used in electrical and electronics industries for grounding, electrical connections, busbars, and heat sinks. They are also utilized in construction, plumbing, and architectural projects due to their malleability and aesthetic appeal. With its unique properties and versatility, the copper flat bar offers reliable performance and durability in various industrial and commercial settings.
Thickness range Width range Standard length
Inch MM Inch MM Meter
½” - 3” 12.7MM - 76.2MM 1” - 6”
25.4MM - 152.4MM  Meter
Cut to size request available**

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